ESG Today writes that 2020-founded Rimere converts the feedstock into clean hydrogen, high-quality graphene, among other products. Through the conversion process, the company is able to prevent the release of additional CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Andrew Littlefair, President and CEO of Clean Energy, said that "we saw the opportunity of turning fugitive greenhouse gas emissions at agricultural facilities into an ultra-clean transportation fuel. It is a logical next step to make this investment in Rimere which is tackling the challenges facing the natural gas and hydrogen industries to produce cost-effective solutions without emissions."

Rimere aims to make use of the existing reserves and extensive natural gas infrastructure in order to become one of the world's top suppliers for clean hydrogen and graphene.

Mitchell Pratt, CEO of Rimere, said that "this globally abundant, low-carbon and affordable resource can also pose greenhouse gas emissions challenges from pipeline transmission, storage and other operations. Importantly, Rimere’s technology not only cleans up the infrastructure but also repositions and revalues natural gas reserves as a vital solution for climate change and our clean energy future by producing both zero-emission hydrogen and valuable graphene."

Photo source: Rimere