According to Renews, the new 6.22MW turbine implements new technologies to improve on the efficiency and the power-generating capabilities, including a new control system.

At low to medium-wind locations, the new model is able to generate between 7 and 14% more power compared to the previous model.

The fact that the turbine has a larger rotor, it can produce about 22% more power during light wind periods compared to its predecessors, according to Nordex officials.

They explained that "this is advantageous for operators, as electricity prices are usually higher during low-wind periods and the N175/6.X ensures high electricity production already at low wind speeds."

The new N175/6.X model will be offered in heights ranging from 112 and 179 meters and it should be good to operate for 25 years, although its operational lifespan can reach 35 years in some conditions.

José Luis Blanco, CEO of the Nordex Group, said that "the global energy transition cannot succeed without onshore wind power."

"With today's introduction of the N175/6.X, we are making a further contribution to advancing the energy transition in the world and making new wind farm locations economically attractive", he added.