As per Electrive, Electra from France, Monta from Scandinavia and Jucr from Germany are some of the companies that will be using the new solution to solve one of the biggest turn-offs drivers have when juicing their battery-powered cars.

Company officials say they look to improve interoperability between charging point operators (CPOs) and mobility service providers (MSPs) with the new platform. As each charging station operator pretty much uses its own platform to allow EV charging, requiring specific accounts and maybe payment methods, interoperability was done through a roaming solution. This usually meant additional billing and extra cost, but Enapi aims to put an end to that.

The team of experts want to address issues such as poor scalability, high prices, and poor data quality, which normally mean unclear charging fares and inaccurate charge points availability info.

Project A Ventures led the 2.5 million euro pre-seed round, which also saw participation from Seedcamp and HelloWorld.

Jakob Kleihue, Enapi's CEO, said that "Enapi plays a pivotal role in enabling charge point connectivity and creating streamlined collaboration to improve the way we charge our electric cars."