Electrive writes that grid storage batteries will also play a role in how these vehicles are being charged and powered sustainably and dependably. Altna is the name of the new company, which will be focusing on leasing EV batteries, repurposing end-of-life cells, as well as offering smarter charging solutions to optimize costs for drivers.

As Altna leases the battery to EV operators, it continues to monitor its activity and maintains ownership of the unit to manage it at the end of its life.

Since the company expects to be able to use the batteries as energy storage solutions after they are removed from EVs, the leasing prices are said to be “lower than those of similar lease plans currently available in the market.”

Also, the Japanese company will also ensure proper recycling for batteries that can't be suitable even for stationary storage and the company's optimized charging solutions will take into account the availability of renewable power in order to reduce costs and emissions for operators.

Additionally, at a later date, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) will also make its way into the services. V2G implies that an EV's batteries can be used to power various tools or even homes, if needed.

Image source: Honda