According to Electrive, the new model follows after the Urbino 12, which was the company's first hydrogen-run bus.

The Urbino 18 is an articulated e-bus and the first units are expected to be delivered sometimes in the second quarter of 2023, according to company officials.

The Urbino 18 will come in multiple configurations, being able to accommodate as many as 140 passengers and the maximum range is rated at 350 kilometers.

The hydrogen tanks on the roofs are larger than those on the Urbino 12, since the bus is larger, boosting hydrogen capacity from 36.8 kilograms to 51.2 on the new model.

The new electric bus can be refilled in 20 minutes and it will be sporting a 60kWh battery as well, which has the role of assisting the hydrogen power train in acceleration and is able to recover energy as well.

The 12 meters-long bus will have a 60kW fuel cell system installed, as well as two electric motors in the rear axile, each able to produce up to 125 kW of power.

If the bus needs more power than the fuel cells are able to provide, additional power will be drawn from the batteries.

Driver assistance features, such as MirrorEye and MobilEye Shield+, are optional for customers who want to implement them.

Photo source: Solaris