According to Recharge, by increasing the production capacity of the Oevel facility, the company will be able to create a "new generation" of electrolysers that are required for large-scale hydrogen plants.

Alexey Ustinov, vice president of electrolysers at Cummins, said that "innovation is key in this fast-growing market, and Europe has the unique opportunity to become the technology, design and production hub for hydrogen generation equipment."

"By scaling manufacturing capacity, Cummins will continue to drive the green hydrogen economy in Europe and globally to support new infrastructure projects and advance government decarbonization goals", he added.

To make the increase in capacity production possible, Cummins will receive the necessary funding from the Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency (VLAIO), as part of the Hy2Tech project.

Hy2Tech represents a joint collaboration effort between 35 companies and organizations located in 15 European countries which aims to strengthen Europe's hydrogen manufacturing capacity.