writes that in April, photovoltaics and wind turbines generated over 50% of Portugal's total power, with fossil power sources being kept at just 24% thanks to energy imports from Spain and energy efficiency increases.

Ember analyst Nicolas Fulghum says that "this spring, renewables are already lessening the impact of droughts and high electricity prices across the EU, as well as lowering emissions."

"The lightning pace of deployment, especially of solar, promises many more records to come this summer", he added.

With 2.5 GW of solar capacity, Portugal can power around one million homes with the Sun alone and strong wind power installations allowed the country to phase out coal-fired plants in 2021.

Spain is another country which bets strong on solar and wind power, as in April, these accounted for 46% of the total power generated and in Sweden, the two renewable sources ensured 27% of the electricity supply.

Wind and solar farms also helped two other European countries set records when it comes to producing power, with Finland and Belgium generating 29% of its whole supply in April from the two sources.