Energy Daily writes that solar and wind power accounted for 12% of the planet's total generated energy in 2022, following calculations made by experts at climate think tank Ember. However, they also warned of the fact that the most popular source of energy production was coal, a fossil fuel with a lot of carbon emitting potential.

Scientists at Ember said that "record growth in wind and solar drove the emissions intensity of the world's electricity to its lowest ever level in 2022."

Compared to 2021, solar and wind were able to generate an extra 2% of the world's total energy production last year. If we were to take into account all forms of clean, renewable power, including nuclear power plants, fossil-free energy sources accounted for 39% of the world's total output.

The expansion of solar and wind power meant that coal was able to rise only by 1.1%, not as much as experts previously expected.

Photo Source: Ember report

"We forecast that 2023 will see a small fall in fossil generation... with bigger falls in subsequent years as wind and solar grow further", scientists at Ember explained.