As per, Sultan al-Jaber, president of UN's next climate summit, COP28, called for a tripling of renewable energy generation by 2030 in order to reduce the energy industry's emissions output and to allow us to hit our climate goals.

Judging by the recent trend in renewables power production and the rate by which new photovoltaics and wind turbines are added, experts believe that by the next decade, these sources will ensure 33% of the world's power delivery, rather than the current 12%.

Solar power is set to be one of the favorite sources of clean power, experts believe, as it already has one of the lowest prices per megawatt of produced energy, at 40 USD. In the future, if projections are accurate, this could halve to 20 USD per generated megawatt, researchers at Rocky Mountain Institute argue.

Kingsmill Bond, Senior Principal at RMI, said that "the benefit of rapid renewable deployment is greater energy security and rocky independence, plus long-term energy price deflation because this is a manufactured technology - the more you install the cheaper it gets."