writes that energy company Iberdrola will incorporate the wind farm in the Tâmega pumped-storage hydro complex in northern Portugal, as the wind turbines alone will have a cumulated capacity of 274 MW, enough to power 128.000 homes for a year. Officials at the energy company said that they will also add multiple solutions to make sure the environment doesn't suffer from this project.

The new project developed by Iberdrola is said to be the largest hybrid power-generation effort yet in Portugal and both the hydro plant, as well as the wind farm, will use the same connection to the grid.

“The two technologies will complement each other to maximize output and production, optimizing the electric infrastructure”, Iberdrola officials explained.

The local ecosystems will be protected through reforestation, restoring ponds, as well as making nest boxes for bats.

The hybrid power-generation complex has a combined capacity of 1.766 GWh per year, sufficient to power 440.000 homes in the local municipalities.

Additionally, the storage capacity of the hydro plant is 40 million kWh or as much as 11 million people consume in a full day.