According to Space Daily, the organization wants to fund one or more projects that would design, build and test a large-scale demonstration narrow aircraft.

The new project, called Sustainable Flight Demonstrator (SFD) aims to reduce carbon-emissions from the aviation sector and to encourage the development of single-aisle aircraft for commercial flights.

NASA looks to improve narrow aircraft specifically due to the fact that these account for almost half of the world's aviation emissions.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated that "since its creation, NASA has worked with industry to develop and implement innovative aeronautics technology."

"Now, with this ambitious new project, we're again joining with U.S. industry to usher in a new era of cutting-edge improvements that will make the global aviation industry cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable", he added.

NASA hopes that the new technologies would enable the US to become net zero regarding flight emissions by 2050, which is one of the goals of the White House's U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan.

NASA will select at least one partner at the beginning of 2023 for a Funded Space Act Agreement with the agency's Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California.

The agreement in cause would provide the selected team with funding and access to NASA facilities and research expertise.