As per Electrive, the new supercharging network in the city of Harderwijk will be opened in the second quarter of 2023 and Tesla officials say that the spot will include 16 charging stations.

Compared to the previous V3 chargers, the new generation of Tesla Supercharge station are taller and maintain the same peak power output of 250kW. The main thing engineers changed is that they made the cable longer, which should help with charging non-Tesla EVs.

The American carmaker recently opened superchargers to other EV brands, but some EV drivers who were hoping to charge their battery-powered cars faster at a Supercharge point were disappointed to discover that the cable couldn't reach the charging port on their car.

Because of different positions of the charging ports, some parked their cars in funky positions so they could connect their vehicle, but in doing so, they blocked access to other charging stations.

The new V4 Superchargers aim to fix this by delivering more flexibility with regards to how easy non-Tesla cars can be plugged in.