According to Electrive, Iveco is focused on versatility with the new model, which will be available in many chassis, including van and minibus.

Depending on the model, the eDaily's gross weight ranges from 3.5 tons to 7.2 tons.

As far as the battery options are concerned, the electric van can be equipped with up to three batteries and each pack is rated at 37 kWh.

The battery system powers a 187 HP electric motor (134 HP for the single-battery version), while the torque can go up to 400 Nm (300 Nm for the single-battery one) and the top speed is limited to 120 km/h.

The range varies between 110 and 300 kilometers, although officials claim that, under city traffic conditions, as much as 400 kilometers can be squeezed out of the battery pack.

Charging speeds can go up to 40kW for the model featuring a single battery, while those that have two or three can enjoy up to 80kW speeds.

Charging from a dead battery to 80% should take an hour for the variants packing two or three cells, while the model with a single-battery will reach the same level in 90 minutes.

Iveco offers eight years of warranty for the cells with "long mileage limits and guaranteed battery replacement if the battery capacity drops to 80% or less due to normal wear and tear."

Company officials say that the first units of the battery electric van are to arrive to market in 2023.

Photo source: Iveco