ESG Today writes that 2022-founded Aether Fuels provides solutions to produce aviation and shipping low-emissions fuels, with the company's technology able to create them from any feedstock that can be converted into CO2 or hydrogen and carbon monoxide among other gases. Potential feedstocks the company can use include methane, industrial waste gases and biogas.

The new capital will be used to accelerate R&D efforts, as well as to scale-up the catalysts and process technology and to build Aether's first pilot manufacturing plant.

Aether CEO Conor Madigan said that "without dramatically scaling the capacity to produce the fuels, supply will remain seriously constrained, and the transition will be slow, if not impossible. This is precisely the problem we address with a disruptive scalable solution that encompasses novel chemistry, equipment, and process flows to simplify the conversion process, while enabling maximum carbon flexibility. The result: more product at vastly lower CapEx costs than existing approaches."

Among the investors who participated in the 34 million USD round are AP Ventures, who led the financing, and Chevron Technology Ventures.

Photo source: Aether Fuels