Normally, it's hard to get excited over phone accessories, but when you know they were made with recycled materials and even organic fibers, things are a little different.

Combine the eco-friendliness with affordable prices and high-quality and you're in for the recipe for success.

Products and prices

Let's kick things first with the Tellur Green range of products and their prices.

First the line-up of cables consists of:

- Tellur Green Data Cable, USB To Type-C, 3A, 1m, Nylon, Black - which goes for 10.99 euros on the company's website;

- Tellur Green Data Cable, Apple MFI Certified, USB To Lightning, 2.4A, 1m, Nylon, Black - which goes for 20.99 euros (MFI stands for Made for iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch, hence the heftier price tag);

- Tellur Green Data Cable, Type-C To Type-C, 3A, PD60W, 1m, Nylon, Black - 11.99 euros;

- Tellur Green Data Cable, Apple MFI Certified, Type-C To Lightning, 3A, PD60W, 1m, Nylon, Black - 22.99 euros;

- Tellur Green Data Cable Type-C To Lightning, 2.4A, PD20W, 1m, Nylon, Cream - 10.99 euros;

- Tellur Green Data Cable Type-C To Type-C, 3A, PD60W, 1m, Nylon, Cream - 10.99 euros;

Next, we have the chargers, which are two:

- Tellur Green 38W Dual Port Charger, Type-C PD20W + USB QC3.0, Cream - which goes for 28.99 euros and is my favorite product of the line-up, I'll tell you why in a minute;

- Tellur Green Qi Wireless Fast Desk Charger, 15W, Qi Certified, Foldable, Cream - 29.99 euros;

Finally, we have the Bluetooth speaker, which is the Tellur Green Bluetooth Speaker, 3W, Cream, which can be had for 18.99 euros.

Design, build quality and performance

Starting off with the cables, Tellur claims that the black ones are made with 96% recycled nylon and can hold up to 30.000 bends, while the cream cables are made out of wheat straw fiber (PLA + PBAT).

All cables are one meter in length and seem durable enough, certainly giving me more confidence than what came in the box of the phone, while also being very flexible from the get go.

They worked flawlessly with every device that I plugged them into, two iPhones, a Bluetooth speaker, an AirPods case and one Galaxy S9, charging them every single time without any incompatibility warning.

Moving on to something more interesting, the Bluetooth speaker, which is made of 35% wheat straw fiber and 65% ABS.

The company claims that the speaker can be operated from up to 10 meters away, and it did indeed work despite me being on the opposite side of the wall. However, if I moved further away in the house, let's say to around 10 meters, the connection was choppy. In all fairness, there were some walls/wooden doors in the way, so not a usual scenario if all you do is listen to music in the same room.

Speaking of listening to music, it's not the most enjoyable, since the 3W and the 80HZ to 18KHZ frequency response won't give you the most detailed sound, particularly if you like a lot of bass and treble.

For some casual video watching, TV show or movie binge-watching it should be plentiful, though, and it is certainly better than most smartphone speakers as well, that's for sure.

Despite the sound quality being rather underwhelming, it gets loud, and considering its size, it does a nice job overall, keeping the price in mind.

It's main selling point after all is caring for the planet, and it definitely does that, with a very particular smell, most certainly coming from the organic materials that it is made of, and while not unpleasant, it smells different compared to the other electronics you might have in your household.

One nit-pick that I find with this speaker is that I would have liked it to have a USB-C charging port instead of the micro-USB, just so it can fit the whole product range better.

The speaker is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible, you can take phone calls with it, with the microphones being decent, but nothing surprising, and you can listen to music for 2 hours at a time on a charge.

Tellur Green chargers

Next, we have the chargers, with the wireless one being made of, again, the same 35% wheat straw fiber and 65% ABS. It has a black LED strip on the front, which lights blue when resting a Qi compatible device on it.

It is capable of delivering up to 15W of power if you have a compatible device, and it was able to wirelessly fast charge my iPhone 11 and my Galaxy S9 without issues.

It has two charging coils and a charging conversion rate of over 73%, and in the real world I had no issues charging my devices with it, since it didn't warm them more than my other wireless charger, which is the Fast Wireless Charger from Samsung made for the Galaxy S9.

The Tellur Wireless charger can be kept flat or folded upwards in a stand-like position.

It comes with a one-meter USB-A to USB-C cable in the box, but you will have to provide your own charging brick to be able to make it operational.

This is the perfect segue to the final product, which is by far my favorite and most useful, in my opinion.

The Tellur Green 38W Dual Port Charger has become my go to charger when it comes to juicing up most of my devices.

Made of the same 35% wheat straw fiber and 65% ABS, this power brick is just as environmentally-friendly as the other Tellur Green products.

It is able to deliver up to 20W of power through the USB-C port, which is power delivery compatible, and up to 18W on the USB-A port, which is QC 3.0 compatible.

Its protection features include protection for short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature.

As someone who's very much into chargers, I was stoked to try this one out, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I can take advantage of fast charging two phones at the same time.

Plugging in the iPhone 11 in the USB-C port and the Galaxy S9 in the USB-A port, both phones were charging rapidly, without the charger breaking a sweat. In fact, it was barely warming at all, compared to my Apple 20W adapter and my Adaptive Fast Charger from Samsung.

The phones were surprisingly cool to the touch as well, which I really liked.

What I liked about this charger was the fact that I could charge my iPhone 11 at the same time as my AirPods case, my external battery which supports 18W PD charging, an old iPhone 6 and even a USB-C Bluetooth speaker without any issues.

This is why this charger is my favorite from the product line, since I have many devices that I need to charger every now and then, and not having to plug in multiple power bricks for each of them is saving on space and time and just makes everything clean and efficient.

Conclusions and recommendations

The cables and the dual port charger get a straight recommendation, due to the affordable prices and the high-quality, although you'll have to decide for yourself if the Apple MFI certified cables are worth the extra bucks.

The wireless charger is also a nice one, if you're into wireless charging. It is high-quality, environmentally-friendly, you can fast charge your compatible devices with it and you can lay it flat or prop it up, and again, the correct price tag makes me recommend it.

I am not so sure about the Bluetooth speaker, if you absolutely must have an eco-friendly speaker and you don't care much about sound quality, then you can give it a go, especially since the price is fairly low.

If, however, you are even a little bit serious about sound, I would suggest you look at something more powerful that would deliver a truly punchy and bass-filling sound.

By the end of May, Tellur Green products will be available in the Western European market, the US and Canada, among other regions.