ESG Today reports that Randy Spock, Carbon Credits and Removals Lead at Google, stated that "as with many emerging technologies, governments and companies have a critical and complementary role to play in demonstrating promising carbon removal approaches and bringing them to a commercial scale."

DOE launched back in 2021 the Carbon Negative Shot program to support the innovation in the carbon removal sector, such as direct air capture, soil and ocean-based carbon capture, as well as reforestation solutions, to name a few.

The goal is to lower the cost per net ton of captured CO2 to less than 100 USD by 2032. Following a 35 million USD investment of its own in carbon removal technologies, the DOE now received support from the first company to join the Voluntary Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchasing Challenge. Thus, Google decided to match DOE's investment and spend 35 million USD in innovative carbon removal technologies.

DOE officials commented that "working together, this public-private initiative has the potential to unlock game-changing capital for high-quality and affordable carbon dioxide removal in time to meet our climate goals."