Reuters reports that, compared to last year, the sales of fully electric vehicles increased by 36.3%, while for hybrid electric vehicles, the sales jumped almost 39%. As per experts at the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the EU recorded its 15th consecutive month of sales growth in the field of electric-powered cars.

Representing 14.2% of all vehicles sold in the month of October, fully electric cars overtook the diesel counterparts for the third time.

By 2015, diesel cars accounted for around 50% of all vehicles sold in the EU, but in the past month, they only represented 12% of new vehicle sales. By contrast, in the first ten months of 2023, EV sales grew by 53.1%.

The interest of European drivers for electrified cars is noticeable, since from the beginning of the year this class of vehicles, which include plug-in and full hybrids, accounted for more than 47% of all new vehicle registrations in the EU, compared to last year's 42%.

The sales of Tesla cars increased by almost 150%, making up almost 12% of fully electric sales in the EU.

Automotive experts believe that the world needs to accelerate faster with the adoption of EVs, estimating that the sales of battery-powered vehicles should grow by 75-95% by 2030 so that we can achieve our climate goals. Given the current pace of EV adoption, the targets are still well within reach, analysts claim, as the annual average growth in the sales space for clean vehicles was around 65% for the past five years.