As per ESG Today, 2010-founded SkyNRG is an Amsterdam-based company that aims to build facilities capable of manufacturing sustainable fuels for aircraft at large-scale, so that the sector can become carbon neutral by mid-century.

SkyNRG was the first company in the world to supply SAF to a commercial airliner, KLM, which carried out a routine flight powered partially by the sustainable fuels in 2011. So far, SkyNRG supplied SAF to 40 airline companies worldwide.

Philippe Lacamp, CEO of SkyNRG, said that "it is critical that SAF production capacity is developed now to enable the aviation industry to meet its net-zero goals."

SAF is said to be one of the easiest and most at-hand way to reduce our impact on the planet when flying, as the aviation industry accounts for 2-3% of the carbon footprint at a global level.