As per Reuters, the upcoming facility, which could open as soon as 2024, will be dismantling cells from forklift company The Kion Group.

This way, the North American company wants to expand further into the battery recycling market, going beyond what the automotive industry can offer.

Tim Johnston, Li-Cycle's executive chairman, said that "we believe strongly in a regional approach to recycling as our customers begin to localize their own supply chains. Europe continues to be a growth center for electrification, so we are going to continue to grow there."

Experts at Li-Cycle believe that most of the 1.7 million forklifts from The Kion Group will be powered by batteries and given that these tools are being heavily used throughout the day, their cells will degrade faster than those of EVs.

More battery recycling facilities could be opened around the world in the coming years, as more and more vehicles and tools turn to lithium-ion cells as a more nature-friendly way to operate. This means that there will be more batteries that will need recycling, so that we can recover some of the materials needed for new cells.