writes that offers a platform that analyzes energy contracts, as well as a company's power usage to determine which are its real-life needs, in order to optimize power. consumption.

The platform developed by the Belgian company uses AI algorithms to analyze a company's energy contracts, corelating them with real-time operational data in order to predict the energy needs, as well as the costs of a company over the next hours or even days.

This way, helps industrial players lower their costs with energy, while also helping them in the energy transition.

According to Jonas Verstraeten, co-founder of, "energy prices for most large consumers don't change just once a day but continuously. With our software, we help companies reduce energy costs during times of abundance, such as sunny periods or when there is a lot of wind. This is comparable to a household where the washing machine runs at night to benefit from a cheaper night rate.”

Companies using's solution can benefit from 10-30% cost reductions and the startup already secured customers such as Proximus and VERBUND.