As per, EU countries are stating the importance of energy independency given the consequences of the war that takes place in eastern Europe, as well as pollution.

EU officials said that "the shift towards a climate neutral economy will require the global phase-out of unabated fossil fuels."

"The EU will systematically promote and call for a global move towards energy systems free of unabated fossil fuels well ahead of 2050", they added.

While many countries tried to reach a consensus with regards to phasing out fossil-power at last year's COP27, states that base their economy a lot on polluting fossil fuels, such as Saudi Arabia, disrupted such a possibility in the near future. This means that, rather than a phaseout, we are talking more about a phase-down.

Since then, the EU promised to promote renewable energy more than in the past and it encourages others to cut subsidies in new fossil-power plants.

In what regards the bloc, officials said they will stop subsidies in fossil-power projects and instead, it will focus on financially supporting those who transition to clean power.