Electrive writes that Electreon will implement the upcoming wireless charging system with the help of Vinci Autoroutes, Vinci Construction, Hutchinson and the University Gustave Eiffel. Similar projects are conducted by the Israelian company in Sweden, Germany and the US, but a "next-generation" product is to be showcased in France.

The wireless charging solution that is to be implemented near Paris is said to have boosted power output, a smarter management system and better power distribution for congested areas.

Two kilometers of the highway will be equipped with the dynamic wireless charging system and a stationary wireless charging station will be available, as well. Electreon also worked with Stellantis and Toyota with regards to the development of wireless charging solutions for the automotive industry.

Commercial EV fleets are those that will benefit from the 2 kilometers long inductive chargers, but officials at the Israelian company hope to offer this solution to more customers across longer French motorways.

Oren Ezer, CEO and Co-founder of Electreon, said that "France’s net-zero transport plan to reach nearly 9,000 km by 2035 is yet another example of the widespread global adoption of wireless charging, and we are looking forward to unveiling our next-generation product with significantly increased power transfer capacity in this project."