ESG Today writes that Deloitte surveyed over 22.800 Gen Z and millennials from 44 countries across North America, Western and Eastern Europe for the study and one of the key findings was that both for Gen Z and millennials are having a sense of purpose was very important when choosing a workplace.

At the same time, half of Gen Zs and 40% of millennials reportedly refused certain projects, based on personal beliefs, due to these assignments having a negative impact on the environment, for example. Climate change is also a priority for most individuals in these categories, as 62% of Gen Zs and 59% of millennials were concerned about the climate situation worldwide in the past month.

These concerns cause 46% of Gen Zs and 42% of millennials to make a change in their careers, if they didn't do it until now, to support the climate cause. Respondents would also like their companies to invest more in protecting the planet, in efforts such as teaching employees how to be more sustainable or providing subsidies for employees that make sustainable choices.

The same beliefs are reflected when making purchase decisions, thus 64% of Gen Zs and 63% of millennials reported that they are willing to pay a premium to purchase sustainable products and services.

Regarding mobility, 18% of Gen Zs and 19% of millennials reported they purchased an electric vehicle, while 40% and 39% of them plan to, in the future.