According to Electrive, the whole unit, which consists of an electric motor and an integrated inverter, weights 80 kilograms, with efficiency being the biggest highlight of the new system.

Bosch officials say they were able to reduce electrical losses by as much as 20%, which should enable a 97% efficiency rating for the inverter.

Markus Heyn, Bosch board of management member and chairman of the Mobility Solutions division, stated that "compared to its predecessors, the new unit provides even higher power and torque density and is even lighter and more compact."

Peak power of the electric propulsion system that will be implemented on Daimler Trucks vehicles is rated at 129kW (172 HP) or 100kW (134 HP) for continuous outputs.

The new electric motor can generate as much as 430 Nm of torque, although for short periods of time and Bosch recommends a maximum vehicle weight of 8.5 tons.

While Bosch didn't specify which trucks will be using the new drive system, the Fuso eCanter is the corresponding commercial model at Daimler Truck that could be implementing the new drive system.