According to, the ship will be called the Candela P-12 and it is a 30 passenger "flying ferry" that can reach speeds of up to 30 knots or 55 km/h, while being said to be the most energy-efficient yet.

Candela is a boat-building company that received plenty of investment from the state of Sweden and the company will run a nine-month trial in the capital city of Stockholm.

The boat will be able to "fly" using three carbon fiber hydrofoils, which will enable it to lift from the water at speeds in excess of 18 knots or 33 km/h.

By lifting above the water, the vessel will significantly reduce its drag coefficient and it will be able to travel faster and for longer distances.

The company claims that the P-12 is able to reduce energy consumption per passenger by 95% compared to traditional boats that transport people.

The new type of boat could help solve some of the other problems that usually come with water transport, such as wake, which is the phenomenon that happens when a vessel travels at high speeds, causing waves on its sides that can disrupt other boats or even the shorelines.

Additionally, Candela officials claim that sea sickness won't be an issue with the P-12.

Erik Eklund, Vice President of Commercial Vessels at Candela, said that "no other ship has this kind of active electronic stabilization. Flying aboard the P-12 Shuttle in rough seas will feel more like being on a modern express train than on a boat: it’s quiet, smooth and stable."

As maritime water transport is one of the more popular transport methods in the capital of Sweden, officials there plan to replace their fleet of some 70 diesel-powered boats with new electric models.

Gustav Hemming, vice president of the Regional Executive Board in Stockholm who is responsible for sea-bound public transport, says that "we need new technology that is better for commuter ferries. Because today, they are very attractive, but they are not very evolved.”

"They have some environmental impacts locally. They are not very energy efficient, they have a negative impact on the climate", he added.

The new Candela P-12 will appear first in Stockholm, but the company says that there are more than 600 cities, municipalities and vessel operators that are interested in operating such an efficient boat, meaning that it could find its way in other countries, as well.

Photo source: Candela