Accounting for 15% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), some of the buildings are difficult to decarbonize, given the fact they are built to last and replacing them isn't cheap nor efficient. In 2019, Trane set a challenge to help building owners remove one billion ton of CO2 emissions from their buildings by 2030.

As per ESG Today, the company's new AI-based solution helps lower the carbon footprint of buildings by continuously analyzing their performance and implementing new and adapted solutions so they can be even more efficient.

The software powered system has been tested with one US company, with the results showing a reduction of the CO2 footprint by 30% across over 100 facilities.

Donny Simmons, President, Commercial HVAC Americas at Trane Technologies, said that "with the heating and cooling of buildings representing about 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, the demand for more sustainable building solutions grows each day. Leveraging innovative AI-enabled solutions is one of many ways we are helping customers dramatically reduce their carbon footprints, while meeting business goals and doing the right thing for the planet."