According to Charged EVs, the 16.000 square meters factory is located in Valdarno, Tuscany and will be able to produce about 10.000 DC chargers per year.

The company says that it will manufacture one charging station every 20 minutes through seven production lines and there are 15 testing facilities that are able to simulate more than 400 charging sessions per day.

DC fast charging (direct current) is among the fastest ways to charge an EV since it bypasses the limitations of the onboard charger, providing DC power directly to the battery. Due to this, charging speed increases significantly, but it is still influenced by the size of the battery and the power of the charging point, among other factors.

Most cars supporting DC fast charging are able to get to 80% charge in less than an hour.

Officials at the Valdarno factory want the building to be eco-friendly, achieving gold-level LEED certification.

To achieve this, ABB states that the building will collect rain water which will be used for irrigation and all production waste will be recycled. Also, the power used by the facility will be provided by renewables, including the 720 MW solar power system.

To ensure a high energy efficiency, all electric devices running at the site will be managed by ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager.

Frank Mühlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility, said that "the opening of our new Valdarno facility demonstrates ABB E-mobility’s commitment to building a zero-emission future."

So far, ABB E-mobility was able to sell over 680.000 EV charging stations in over 85 markets.

Photo source: ABB E-mobility