Charged EVs reports that the two institutions will collaborate in order to determine if the performance of recycled battery cells is on par with what brand-new batteries can offer. Altilium hopes to prove that both cells have the same performance, as it plans to build an EV-battery recycling plant in the UK.

Should it be built, it could recycle 150.000 EVs worth of batteries every single year. This would enable the production of around 30.000 tons of cathode-grade materials on a yearly basis.

Dr. Christian Marston, CTO of Altilium Metals, said that "CAM is key to electric vehicle battery performance and the production of lithium-ion cells starts with high-quality materials."

Experts say that for UK's EV market alone, around 155.000 tons of CAM will be needed every single year by 2030, but by then, chances are that we will already have many more EV batteries worldwide to recycle.