As per ESG Today, the funding includes 4.4 billion USD of capital commitments, as well as 2.3 billion co-investment commitments. 2005-founded ECP invests in assets that contribute to the energy transition, such as low-carbon power sources, energy storage and environmental infrastructure.

ECP officials said that the new funding will help companies in the energy sector become more sustainable and adopt clean power sources that will ensure competitiveness.

Doug Kimmelman, Founder and Senior Partner of ECP said that "the electricity sector is transforming into a major growth area for both the U.S. and global economy, with forecasts projecting that electricity demand will skyrocket by 1.5-2.0x over the next 15 years from current levels. This growth is being driven by converging demand from factors such as data centers, electric vehicles, onshoring of manufacturing and electrification. At this exciting time for our core sectors, we are pleased to have the abundant capital and decades-long specialized experience needed to capitalize on opportunities and create value for our firm and investors."