As per ESG Today, this raises Toyota's commitment to 14 billion USD in the American battery production for its BEVs. The additional 8 billion USD investment also increases the number of production lines for cells that are to be installed in BEVs and PHEVs to ten, compared to the previous two promised lines.

Additionally, there will be four battery production lines dedicated to FHEVs (full hybrid electric vehicles), meaning that the total production capacity of the unit could reach 30 GWh per year by the next decade. Full hybrid battery packs are smaller than those found on plug-in hybrids, which is why the production lines can assemble more of them at the same time.

Sean Suggs, President of Toyota North Carolina, said that "today’s announcement reinforces Toyota’s commitment to electrification and carbon reduction, bringing jobs and future economic growth to the region."

Toyota's commitment in the American electrified EV market comes after US president Joe Biden mandated back in 2021 that half of the vehicles sold in the country should be battery-powered by 2030, while the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law helps on the financial side of battery manufacturing.

Officials of the Japanese car maker also added that the extension of the battery plant will supplement another 3.000 jobs, cumulating to 5.000 total job opportunities for locals.