According to World Economic Forum, there are more than a few companies innovating in this field, each with their own solution that individually wouldn't help solve water availability, but together, can definitely make a difference for the better.

We covered some innovations in this regard on Green Start-Up before, such as an MIT team of researchers that managed to create a system worth 4 USD that can generate drinkable water with the help of a solar device.

One of the startups that innovates in the freshwater field is coming from Switzerland and is called bNovate Technologies. The team uses an automatic, remotely-operated biosensor that monitors and detects any change in the bacterial composition of water supplies, reducing the time of previous systems from several days to just minutes.

This is important even if it doesn't create new freshwater supplies, but ensures that the existing ones are safe to consume and don't pose any danger to humans.

Indra Water is an India-based startup that uses non-chemical solutions to treat water in order to make it safe to drink, effectively saving what would otherwise be wasted supplies.

So far, the system was able to treat and save 750 million liters of water and it has a 95% water recovery rate with a 75% lower footprint compare to other systems.

Majik Water in Kenya is a water generation system that uses an atmospheric generator which works through condensation-based technologies to capture moisture from the air.

Being in Africa, the system is useful and serves many people and communities that don't have easy access to drinkable water.

These are just some of the solutions that revolve around water, either how to generate more water or how to treat it in order to become safer to consume.