The Manual reports that British-based Nyobolt may have found a solution not just for the still not fast enough charging speeds of EV batteries, but also to make them lighter and have a smaller overall footprint in electric cars.

In order to develop the more compact electric car concept, the team at Nyobolt collaborated with the designer of the Lotus Elise, Julian Thomson. The result is a compact EV, likewise to the Elise, powered by a 35kWh battery, which can achieve a range of 250 kilometers and that can be charged in 6 minutes. CALLUM also helped with developing the small and sporty EV.

Nyobolt used lithium-ion technology to develop the fast-charging battery that could revolutionize the industry and it could become available to the whole transport sector sometime in 2024. Company officials claim that the fast-charging battery cells could be used across the automotive industry.

Nyobolt CEO Sai Shivareddy stated that the technology could "increase the accessibility of EVs, including to the 40% of U.K. households who can’t charge their vehicle at home overnight."

Slower charging speed is one of the things that put many drivers off when it comes to picking an EV, as even a Tesla takes a few tens of minutes to fully power back up. This can be quite the hassle when you're on a longer road trip and you expect to arrive as soon as possible at the destination.

Nyobolt and other companies in the battery industry can make it easier and faster for drivers to charge their vehicles in the future, while companies can benefit from putting more attractive EVs on the market.

Photo source: Nyobolt