The application can be accessed free of charge by retailers who have completed the registration procedure in the system, signed the contract with RetuRO, completed the registration of collection points and opted for the manual collection of DRS packaging.

With the RetuRO app, retailers can scan the barcode of packaging when it is returned by customers to quickly check that it complies with DRS specifications, namely it has the "DRS packaging" logo and specific barcode printed on the label.

Also, through the "pick-up" function available in the application, retailers can request RetuRO to pick up the collected packaging from the return point they manage, reducing the time and making more efficient the space required to store the bags of collected packaging. The order will be placed when a minimum quantity of three bags are ready for pick up and will be confirmed by a confirmation message.

Before downloading the RetuRO app, there are some necessary settings that retailers need to do from their account on the SGR platform. Full information on the steps to follow, as well as guidance on installing, logging in and using the RetuRO application are available in the Application Guide.

Users can log in the application using their retailer (administrator) or seller account (new role introduced in the platform) they use for logging in the platform. After logging in, users are guided to choose the declared return point using the point of sale ID available in their user account.

The RetuRO app is free of charge for retailers and is available for download in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. Users will be able to identify the application both by the RetuRO logo, already known, and by the name of the application, "RetuRO".