Electrive reports that the K-Charger is capable of outputting as much as 800 kW of power within a few minutes, which means that fast charging can be achieved for battery-powered buses or trolleybuses, for example.

Company officials stated that "the K-Charger can be positioned quickly and flexibly according to the local conditions."

K-Charger units can be installed in existing power lines, meaning that the process is less expensive and less time-consuming, as well. Another of Kiepe's products is the In-Motion Charger, which can allow for powering-up trolleybus buffer batteries for when these need to go on a non-electrified sector.

Thus, when overhead lines are available, the trolleybus will take the required power from those and also charge the batteries for when they are needed.

The first K-Charger unit, as per company officials, has already been installed in Switzerland.

Photo source: Kiepe Electric