ESG Today writes that 2016-founded watttron is a German company that develops alternative materials for the packaging industry to help other companies succeed in the transition towards sustainability.

watttron uses intelligent heating solutions for production, which helps reducing the carbon footprint of the company's products, achieving a more efficient and flexible production. Two of the solutions developed by the company's experts are cera2seal and cera2heat, for thermoforming and sealing the packaging without quality loss and with a lower power usage.

The financing round was led by the circular economy venture investor Circular Innovation Fund and the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF).

Guillaume Gras, Investment Director at ECBF, said that "watttron’s technology represents a quantum leap in sustainable packaging, drastically cutting carbon emissions by reducing material and energy usage, and enabling the use of monomaterials, which significantly enhances recyclability. Simultaneously enhancing production efficiency and cost-effectiveness, this investment signifies more than financial support; it’s a commitment to pioneering a greener, more efficient future in the packaging industry."