ESG Today writes that the building sector is one of the most carbon-intensive in the world, as according to experts at the International Energy Agency (IEA), the real estate industry accounts for 40% of the planet's GHG emissions.

2015-founded Vizcab is a French startup that was co-founded by Dr. Thomas Jusselme and Guillaume Lafont and it uses software to help constructors reduce the carbon impact of construction projects. Thus, architects and developers across the world can use this solution to build greener constructions with a lower negative impact on the environment.

Dr. Thomas Jusselme, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Vizcab said that "buildings are responsible for 37% of global emissions, with embodied carbon of materials making up 90% of future building emissions. Our mission is to assist stakeholders in transforming the construction industry with managing carbon emissions of projects — ensuring they meet the stringent carbon budget standards right from the planning stage until the building handover."