According to Reuters, EU officials will also aim to increase the reusability of take-away drinking cups and packaging used for some deliveries.

This is part of the EU's plan to make all packaging reusable by 2030 and it is also a contribution to the target of making the bloc carbon neutral before 2050.

According to experts, around 40% of the plastic and 50% of the paper used in the EU goes to packaging, which in return makes up for some 36% of the municipal solid waste in the region.

Some of the targets for recycled packaging before 2030 are 30% for plastic beverage bottles and contact sensitive packaging, such as food wrapping, and 35% for other types of plastic packaging.

The new proposal also sets reusability targets for take-away cups, 20% before 2030 and 80% before 2040, while 10% of the packaging used for non-food deliveries should be reused before 2030 and 50% by 2040.

To become law, the proposal must be approved by the European Parliament, the European Council and the 27 EU governments.