ESG Today reports that Oslo-based Inherit Carbon Solutions captures CO2 from RNG facilities directly during the production process, meaning that no additional work needs to be done and the impact is overall lower. The CO2 captured by the company is then liquefied and stored permanently in geological structures.

Mike Carpenter, Inherit’s CEO and Co-founder said that "this agreement validates the importance of our permanent carbon removal solution and highlights the collective responsibility we share in addressing the urgent challenges of climate change."

RNG or biomethane is produced from organic waste, like agricultural and industrial waste streams. Chemically, it is identical to fossil-based natural gas.

Microsoft also got involved into reforestation efforts recently, with the aim to support of regrowing Amazon ecosystems.

The new agreement between Microsoft and Mombak will allow the two companies to reforest around 25 areas in the Brazilian Amazon, for which will be used around 30 million trees, including species threatened with extinction. Microsoft officials expect the project to help with removing some 1.5 million tons of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, while helping with restoring ecosystems and biodiversity.