As per Electrive, the system is made of a 60kW fuel cell, as well as a drivetrain that can deliver up to 200kW of power, while an additional 16 kWh battery can provide extra output.

The propulsion system, as per Viritech officials, can be implemented in prototype and final vehicles from OEMs and research companies.

Timothy Lyons, CEO of Viritech, said that the fuel cell system is "a viable, available and easily integrated" solution to accelerate the development and implementation of FCEVs on and off-highway.

Viritech's fuel cell powertrain can be used as starting ground by automotive companies that want to develop hydrogen-powered cars, but lack the essential technologies, such as the fuel cell itself, as well as the electric motor that can turn the fuel into electricity.

Honda recently announced the launch of its hydrogen-powered CR-V, as the Japanese carmaker looks to join Toyota as a pioneer in the fuel cell automotive industry.

Photo source: Viritech