The Guardian writes that kinetic dancefloors, which generate energy as the public dances on them, as well as recyclable LED wristbands and train travelling were some of the measures that contributed to the reduction in emissions.

Thus, Coldplay members said that " direct CO2e emissions from the first two years of this tour are 59% less than our previous stadium tour (2016-17), on a show-by-show comparison."

Coldplay's sustainability pledge for its Music of the Spheres world tour started in 2022 was to reduce overall tour emissions by "at least 50%", meaning that current results already surpassed that target.

“We’d like to thank everyone who’s come to a show and helped charge the show batteries on the power bikes and kinetic dancefloors”, band members said.

they also thanked “everyone who’s arrived by foot, bike, ride share or public transport; everyone who’s come with refillable water bottles or returned their LED wristband for recycling; and everyone who’s bought a ticket, which means you’ve already planted one of seven million trees so far."

Power bikes installed around the concert area helped power some of the tools required for the concert, such as the speakers or the band's laptops and phones, with clean energy, which was also provided by solar panels.

So far, 18 of Coldplay's concerts were powered using mobile batteries made from used BMW cells. Additionally, one tree was planted for every ticket sold for the shows, amounting to 7 million, so far.