writes that Mitiga offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows companies to analyze, report and lower their exposure to climate risk. EarthScan, the company's solution, provides insights across three climate scenarios, as well as multiple timeframes and it is used by customers in retail, manufacturing and infrastructure development.

EU-based companies are actively interested in these solutions, as they help them understand their individual exposure to various climate scenarios, especially those that can affect physical assets they own.

Alejandro Marti PhD, Mitiga Solutions’ Co-Founder and CEO, said that "climate risk reporting is at a turning point: as climate-related losses continue to accumulate in the coming years, there will be more and more regulatory and stakeholder pressure for companies to disclose their exposure to climate risk. We are excited to partner with Elaia to provide the latest in climate science and data modelling through an easy-to-use, on-demand platform like EarthScan. Now you don’t need to be a climate scientist to understand your exposure to climate change.’’

The technology can provide insights for better local planning, as well as aid companies in developing EU-aligned environmental reports.