Being a tech enthusiast, it's safe to say that I have a lot of gadgets at home, two laptops, two phones (plus more during review time-frames), wireless earbuds, you get the idea. So pretty much on a daily basis I charge at least something, which means that I need a few cables and, ideally, one charger to take care of everything.

Tellur Green accessories

Last year around April-May I was introduced to the Tellur Green lineup of products. Back then I tested cables, a wall adapter, a wireless charger and a Bluetooth speaker. You can read here my initial review that I wrote after about a month of using the accessories.

Back then, I really enjoyed the cables for being flexible, yet sturdy, thanks to the textile feel and the wall adapter, for its two ports and up to 38W of power, 20W on the USB-C and 18W on the USB-A one. The wireless charger was great, as well, as it can deliver 15W of power in the Qi standard, and it can be laid flat or propped-up, so you can charge phones and wireless earbuds on it without any issue.

The Bluetooth speaker was OK at the time, not having the best sound quality, but good enough for some podcasts and listening to a radio station.

Which accessories I used the most

My most used accessories from the Tellur Green lineup definitely have to be the cables, especially the cream-colored USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to Lightning, with the black ones also being taken out of the drawer once in a while.

What I like about the cables even a year later is that they are very strong and flexible and they were so from the get-go. I don't know if I'm the only one, but whenever I get a new phone for testing, the cable is rolled-up so tightly that it needs a good few weeks of usage before it becomes more flexible and starts to straighten. Not the same problem with Tellur's cables made from recycled materials and wheat fiber.

These were very flexible from the very beginning and weren't rolled-up very tightly, which definitely helped, as well. This might be a nit-pick, but I am worried about the long-term durability of a cable that is too crooked out-of-the box and that I am going to fold and wrap multiple times during its existence.

What helps in the case of Tellur's Green cables is also the textile build, which is great with the durability in time, as all my Tellur cables look exactly like they did when I started using them. I used them to charge iPhones, Android devices, my MacBook Air, my Bluetooth speaker and even a few power banks many times. I never got any incompatibility errors with any device nor did the connection break between the charger and the devices.

Speaking of the charger, I didn't get to spend more than two months with mine, not because it broke, but because I gave it away to my partner, who still uses both ports to charge her Apple Watch and iPhone every single day. It still delivers power without an issue and the two ports make it very versatile. You can charge even USB-C laptops with it, mind you, it will take longer due to the limited 20W of power and it's better for the laptop to be turned off or in a sleep state to accelerate the process. But the idea is that you can do that too, if the situation requires it.

Check out the entire Tellur Green lineup of accessories, which was refreshed with new products, such as Bluetooth headphones and a fast-charge-capable power bank, all made with the same recycled or bio materials.

The charger, as every product in the Green lineup is made of recycled or wheat fibers, meaning that all of them are sustainable and nature-friendly and the packaging shares the same characteristics.

The wireless charger shared the same fate as the wall plug, as it landed in my partner's bedroom also. It's being used from time to time, not as often as the wall plug, but still delivers power reliably and doesn't overheat, which is fairly impressive, given that it has no active cooling system inside.

I also bought an extra wall adapter and a wireless charger for my dad, as he too liked the Tellur Green products for their quality and recycled materials, as well as for their affordable price. In fact, this is another thing that I appreciated with these products, that they are still affordable for what you get, but don't sacrifice in build quality or performance, while also saving the planet, from the accessories themselves, to the recycled packaging.

Products that I didn't use much and conclusion

What about the Bluetooth speaker? Well, I don't have much to say here other than I did in my initial review. It still works and the battery still lasts a few hours between charges, but I haven't used it much personally. My dad listens to music on it from time to time and he is pleased enough with the sound quality, although he is not very picky about this aspect. The one thing that I truly don't like about it is the fact that it charges via micro-USB and not USB-C, which is a little inconvenient in this day and age, but at least you won't have to charge it very often.

All in all, Tellur's Green products spark great quality, recycled and bio materials with a focus on sustainability in general. They hold up great and while the Bluetooth speaker is perhaps the most underwhelming of the bunch, the rest of the products behave like higher end alternatives from OEMs.

My recommendation, if you want sturdier and cheaper cables and chargers, pick one from Tellur Green's offering, rather than spending extra on an Apple or Samsung accessory, as they offer the same characteristics, but are longer-lasting and more eco-friendly, while being cheaper.

For an even longer-term review, you will have to wait for my next year's Tellur Green accessory lineup rating, where I don't expect my experience to be any different than it is now, perhaps with some more Green cables and chargers around my household or someone else's.