Electrive writes that as per the commitment, the band and crew will be travelling from May to July of this year in fully electrified vehicles. To transport the equipment, Metallica's team will use the Iveco S-Way electric trucks, which come in both battery and hydrogen versions and to optimize operations, the two solutions will be used at the same time. These electrified models have ranges of up to 500 kilometers and 800 kilometers, respectively.

When the partnership was announced back in November of 2023, Iveco said that Metallica will also be using liquified natural gas (LNG) powered trucks, which is not quite as clean of an alternative as pure electric, despite offering more range. However, it seems like that's not going to be the case anymore and the US band will rely entirely on the power of electricity for transport.

This also goes for the crew's transportation, which will be ensured by Iveco's eDaily people transporting vans. Munich, Helsinki and Copenhagen are some of the cities where Metallica concerts are set to take place.

As part of Iveco Group, the Italian brand has committed to reaching net zero carbon by 2040 and will continue to support communities impacted by natural disasters and war, run training programs for vulnerable youth and donate to feed people in need.

Photo source: Iveco