PV Magazine reports that the system, called HelioWing, has two models with two different power delivery potentials. The HelioWing 5 has an energy-generation potential of 7.38 kW, while the larger HelioWing 7 goes to as high as 9.84 kW. The canopy can be fitted with energy storage solutions or an EV charger for juicing up a plug-in hybrid or battery-electric car at home.

World4Solar officials said that the system can be installed in about six hours on a properly-prepared foundation by a professional team.

Marc Hofer, CEO of World4Solar, said that "our contemporary décor design fits in with all environments, and its weatherproof solar covered roof provides lighting, shade and rain protection where needed."

HelioWing solar systems can be configured both on and off-grid and for those who opt to connect it to the public energy system, they could earn money by feeding power into the network, depending on the market.

For those who want to take advantage of EV charging, they should know that the power point supports as many as two battery-powered cars at once and the advertised charging speed is 40 kilometers per hour.

HelioWing experts say that the weatherproof system has a warranty of 10 years, while it can last for as long as two decades.

Photo source: World4Solar