Restart Energy is a company that is specialized in energy transition services and it was founded back in 2015 as part of the Armand Group, which works in the same sector since 2009. Up until Restart Energy was founded, Armand Group was already counting renewable energy projects with an energy potential of 1 GW.

Restart Energy, a company founded by Armand Domuța și Renato Doicaru, has the purpose of transforming the way renewable power is being purchased, supplied and accessed both by society and private entities, company officials say.

"The cost of energy in the coming years can make the difference between a profitable business and one that's barely staying afloat. We believe easy and abundant access to proprietary power sources, clean and affordable, must be the premise that initiates the customer's economy boost", Restart Energy officials say for Green Start-Up.

"Our solutions, through the various divisions, Solar, Cogeneration, Supply or Equipment distribution and support for financial solutions are dedicated to optimizing the cost of our partner and turning it into an independent and stable one, whose development plans are predictable."

Solar power projects for Romanian companies

Following the trends in the energy market from the past years, Restart Energy One developed in 2020 the Solar division, with the purpose to develop photovoltaic installations for local SMEs, but also for key account, big local and multinational customers.

Among the companies that have implemented Restart Energy's photovoltaic systems are Cotnari, which opted for a 400kW solar panel system valued at a little over 338,000 euros, but also Florea Grup, which installed photovoltaics in five different locations with a total installed power of 1.74 MW, valued at over one million euros. At the same time, the carbon emissions savings calculated for this project are 631 tons per year, with the financial economy being 206,000 euros.

For Cotnari, the photovoltaic system helps reduce the carbon footprint by 156 tons per year, while financial economies are estimated at 99.000 euros.

"With a portfolio of 120 solar power projects, we are permanently focused on optimizing our customers' energy processes", Restart Energy officials mentioned us.

Solar power projects offer Restart Energy customers the possibility to achieve financial economies of 50% on average, but these can also reach 100% if energy storage solutions are implemented, as well.

So far, photovoltaics projects implemented by Restart Energy Solar have generated around 20.54 GWh of clean power. In 2023, the group that Restart Energy is part of achieved a turnover of 60 million euros through its 120 projects, which total 1 GW installed power.

Experts calculated that, through these projects, around 9.760 tons of CO2 emissions were avoided, as well as over 126 kilograms of radioactive waste.

"Through the implementation of renewable energy projects, we offer essential support to our partners and customers to help them consolidate a strategy for energy resiliency in the global and local context", Restart Energy added.

The platform that allows customers to lower their carbon footprint

One of the projects that helps Restart Energy to contribute to a greener economy is RED Platform. This has the role to "help companies and consumers have access to a sustainable platform, to monitor their energy production in order to support their emissions-reduction strategy through simple to understand and implement processes, but also through offering the know-how required to fully understand the implications", Restart Energy representatives explain for Green Start-Up.

The platform can also help economic actors that want to calculate and reduce their environmental footprint based on criteria established according to EU's standards. At the same time, the platform also offers RED Standard, which is currently under certification, a service which will offer companies the possibility to certify their sustainability projects.

Six companies are currently using the RED Platform to monitor their CO2 emissions output and to receive digital carbon credits equivalent to the amount of green energy they produce.

Among the international green power projects implemented by Restart Energy engineers are one in Morocco, totaling 45 MW of installed power, as well as another in Tunisia, where 25 MW of solar capacity was implemented.

In 2018, Restart Energy expands its horizons, reaching Serbia. Last year, the company established a new division, called Cogeneration, exploring new clean power options for powering businesses.

The opportunities of a new year

For the new year, Restart Energy officials consider there are a number of opportunities awaiting to raise the business, but also for consumers that want lower energy bills or a lower carbon footprint.

"We are readying since 2023 a new marketplace dedicated to the end consumer with financing and installation solutions where end users will be able to purchase photovoltaic kits made by Restart Energy for green power solutions", Restart Energy added.

ANRE qualified installation companies can also be listed on the upcoming platform, so that customers can choose their collaborators independently, based on their needs and preferences.

At the same time, Restart Energy will continue to analyze the energy market, which is currently changing, to adapt to the needs of each existing customer, but also potential customers.

"If we look carefully at 2023, we'll see that energy consumption decreased by around 7% and this was mostly due to the fact that industrial production decreased, meaning it had to adapt in the context of increased energy prices. We continue to encourage our partners and customers through our projects to invest in proprietary capacity and to also become prosumers, adding stability in an economically unstable environment", company experts mentioned.