According to, new research from the International Energy Agency show that renewable sources could produce the most power out of all sources in the world by mid-decade. Furthermore, 90% of new demand between this year and 2025 will be covered by things like solar and wind power.

The increased interest in clean power sources could mean that they could, in the next three years, surpass coal as having the highest share in energy production at 35%.

IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said that "the world’s growing demand for electricity is set to accelerate, adding more than double Japan’s current electricity consumption over the next three years."

"The good news is that renewables and nuclear power are growing quickly enough to meet almost all this additional appetite, suggesting we are close to a tipping point for power sector emissions", he added.

Coal currently produces the most power per year globally, ensuring 36% of the needed electricity for consumers and various industries, but experts believe that renewables are going to tip the scale in their favor soon, replacing the polluting source. Still, it means that coal will still account for 33% of the necessary power.

It is estimated that energy demand will grow by 9% from now until 2025, with most of it coming from southeast Asia, India and China.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector saw their peak in 2022, with around 13 billion tons of CO2 being released, but experts say that by 2025, they should be plateauing and then drop.

"Governments now need to enable low-emissions sources to grow even faster and drive down emissions so that the world can ensure secure electricity supplies while reaching climate goals", Birol concluded.