As per Electrive, Renault plans to build the Legend in Europe, more specifically in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, and have it as a competitor with its own China-made Dacia Spring.

The French manufacturer released some details about the upcoming battery-powered vehicle, such as the fact that it will be destined mostly for city driving and it will have an expected consumption of 10kW/100 kilometers.

Renault's Ampere division plans to manufacture around one million EVs per year starting 2031, which will be spread across seven models, while by 2027/2028, the same company expects to be matching the price of EVs to that of fossil-powered vehicles.

Thus, the Megane E-Tech and Scenic E-Tech battery-powered models could have the same price as their fossil counterparts.

Before the city-focused Legend, Ampere is also expected to launch the electric reboot of the Renault 5 in 2024 at a price of around 25.000 euros, while the Renault 4 and the Legend will join the lineup one year later at sub 20.000.

Ampere also slightly modified two EV platforms from the Renault-Nissan alliance, which will be used for the future vehicles, as these will allow significant potential cost savings. Thus, the electric division could be able to reduce costs by as much as 40% between the current generation of EVs and the next one.

Photo source: Renault