Electrive writes that Powerdot officials also reported "exceptional growth" for 2023 with a 201% increase in operational charging points, as well as 218% for kWh consumption.

Currently, the company has 5,000 charging points in 1,300 locations in France, Spain and Portugal, but it plans to reach nearly 10,000 in 1,400 locations. Antin Infrastructure Partners and Arié Group led the capital increase, with Powerdot planning to advance its charging technologies, as well.

Luís Santiago Pinto, CEO of Powerdot, said that "with over 5,000 charging points in operation and an additional 10,000 in deployment, this investment will catalyze transformative growth, enabling us to expand our network and contribute to the evolution of sustainable mobility."

David Arié, a Board Member at Arié Group, added that "the strong operational focus of the Powerdot team and the tremendous growth in 2023 led us to double down on our commitment."

In 2023, Powerdot activated 300 charging points, bringing the total to 5,000 across its three main markets.