Currently, Pepco Romania alone hires more than 3,200 women. In most departments, women represent two thirds of the workforce. Also, in our country, more than 1,380 women hold the position of store manager and lead teams that are mostly women.

Women occupy various positions within the Pepco Group, both on the board of directors and in management positions and as designers, customer advisors, purchasing agents.

Pepco customers are mostly women

The company's internal analysis shows that women represent 87% of customers in Pepco stores. On average, they are around 39 years old and have one or two children. 55% of them have children up to the age of 14.

Up to 90-96% of women in most markets where Pepco is present are familiar with the brand. In a survey conducted in 2023, customers highlighted shopping in-store as a great form of escape from the everyday.

Pepco's stores comprise a total of around 530 product categories: 23% of these are adult clothing and accessories, 30% children's clothing and 27% are home accessories. The company regularly updates and changes its range, introducing around 250 new products per week and 130 new collections each season.

Agnieszka Jaworska, Commercial Director within the Pepco Group, believes that the company's openness and support for the development of women working in the company translates into greater effectiveness of the activities undertaken. "In the past, there was a clear distinction between sectors and positions typically considered masculine and feminine. Now, such divisions seem to have lost their relevance. The change has taken place in us, women. We are strong and aware of our strengths. We want to develop, which is why we look for places and people who will support us in it. In the department I manage, girls account for as much as 80% of the staff. Diversity is the key value at Pepco, which is why we support all our female and male workers in their growth," stresses Agnieszka Jaworska.

Pepco Group was established in 2015 and is comprised of salient retail chains, namely Pepco, Dealz, and Poundland, cooperating with PGS – a global supplier. Pepco Group now has over 4800 stores in 20 countries, hiring ca. 47 000 individuals.

The value retailer Pepco is the fastest growing European retail chain offering clothes for the entire family and homeware at highly attractive prices. After nearly 20 years of uninterrupted development, Pepco stores are now visited by customers making 30 million transactions per month.

The company headquartered in Poznań now hires over 31 000 employees in 18 countries in the entire Europe and has a network of over 3600 stores.