ESG Today reports that the two companies will combine their expertise in corporative services, as well as sustainability software solutions, which will contribute to the expansion of their EY-IBM Sustainability Center of Excellence.

The new end-to-end sustainability solution will help companies address sustainability reporting challenges, such as the requirement to continue investments in technology and processes to meet climate goals and find talent which can help with the transition to a clean economy.

Amy Brachio, EY Global Vice Chair, Sustainability, said that "too often organizations are navigating disparate data, systems and spreadsheets that anchor sustainability in operational data rather than business wide transformational insights and progress. Now they can access an organization-wide view that creates report ready insights now, while also having the flexibility for evolving with reporting, standards and how the strategy evolves over time."

The new solution co-developed with IBM includes data management, reporting and analytic tools, as well as communication tools.

Kareem Yusuf, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Product Management and Growth, IBM Software, said that "our partnership lets organizations rely on IBM software and EY experts to deliver transparent, trusted ESG reporting, so that they can focus on building value for their shareholders, board members and employees."